Mike LagmanMIKE

Hey there, I’m Mike Lagman. Welcome to The Brew Diaries! I launched this travel blog as a way of sharing our adventures with you.

Our goal is not just to discover the Philippines, but also to encourage Filipinos to see this country first. We hope that every story we publish can contribute to this goal.

Join me and my gang as we explore the beauty of the Philippines!








Hey there, I’m Sharry. Together with the handsome person above and my cute girls, we’ve started this blog to share with you our awesome experiences.

Mike loves to travel, while I love to eat. Food + Travel is definitely the right combination.








Hey there, I’m Cruiser, the most beautiful Aussie Shepherd in the universe.

I love the beach up north (Baler in particular). South is great too but I just like north better. I guess it’s the sand.







Hey there, I’m Kimmy. I’m clingy as hell but I’m the sweetest toy poodle you’ll know.

I love walking, running & just playing around. I don’t get stress when humans hug me. So please hug me!