For most pet parents, traveling is incomplete without their fur babies. We do it occasionally with our dogs and they enjoy it! Whatever makes them happy, makes us happy too. However, we always make sure that we do some extra planning first before we travel. It helps make the entire trip worry-free. Before you go on an epic road trip with your pets, consider the following tips:

1. Prep your pets

Prep your pets

A few days before the trip, take a quick drive to see how they respond. If you think that they feel fine, then you’re ready to go. If you think that they feel something else, maybe nauseated, then you might want to consider going to your vet (which leads us to the next advice)

2. Consult your pets’ veterinarian before going on a trip

Consult your vet

This is a must if your pets have historical health problems. One of our dogs (Cruiser) has a history of stomach problems, diarrhea in particular. We always wait for the go signal from her vet before we go on a road trip.

3. Bring pet travel essentials

Pet Travel Essentials

The list includes:

  • Wet wipes/towels
  • Leash
  • Medications
  • Bed & blankets
  • Favorite toys
  • Crate/Play pen
  • Poop bag
  • Food
  • Clean Water
  • Water bowl
  • Pet seat cover for your car

There are others that I might have missed, but above are basically the travel essentials we bring when we go out of town with our pets.

4. Book a pet-friendly resort & hotel, inn or homestay

Book a pet-friendly resort

You can check out Tripadvisor to see if there are pet-friendly resorts, hotels, inns or homestays in your destination. The website usually makes an updated list every now and then. On our recent trips to Batangas & Baler, we found the perfect destinations for our dogs. If you plan to visit Batangas with your pets, we suggest going to Acuaverde Beach Resort & Hotel in Laiya. It’s just one of the few resorts that are pet-friendly in the area. In Baler Aurora, Costa Pacifica Resort is the perfect beach resort for you and your pets. You’ll get to swim with them too!

5. Keep them hydrated

Keep your pet hydrated

Make some stops on your trip for water breaks. This will keep your pets hydrated and comfortable during the trip. They can also have bathroom breaks during those stops.

6. Bring enough food for the trip

Make sure you bring enough food for your pets. We usually get the food ready using separate containers for every meal so we don’t have to prepare during the trip.

7. Put a name tag with your address and contact number to your pets’ collar

Pet Tag

This is just in case your pet has decided to take a walk somewhere far. The tag will help people identify your pet easily.

8. Bring all your pets’ medical records

This includes vaccination history, surgery records, latest hospital visit records, recent medical tests and prescriptions. This will give you and the vet information about your pets’ medical history in case of a medical emergency during your trip.

9. Search for nearby veterinary hospitals in your destination

Again, this is in case of a medical emergency. It’s a good thing that you have a list of nearby vet hospitals in your destination.

10. Do not leave your pets alone in a parked vehicle

Do not leave your pets alone in a parked vehicle

This is a must.  If you have decided to park somewhere and take a break outside the car during your trip, make sure you bring your pets along or at least someone should stay behind.

Finally, document every moment with your pets. Take photos and videos. We’ve recently started this blog where we share our adventures in the Philippines with our fur babies. This is our way of encouraging other people to travel with their pets and of course, see the Philippines first.


10 Tips for a Worry-free Road Trip with your Pets

  1. That’s a great list you’ve done there. Looking for names and address of veterinarian before getting to the next place is always good to get peace of mind in case something happens. We have pets and always like to take them with us if we can. There are so many pet friendly places nowadays so why leave them behind. Great post. thanks for sharing.

  2. Some great tips although it is not something I have to worry about as we have no pets. We keep thinking about a dog but travel so often it wouldn’t be fair, especially as we leave in the Uk and could not travel with the dog

  3. Since when we were kids me and my sister have traveled with our cat and parents. Now my pets (3 dogs and 3 cats) don’t feel good at leave their house. I even consulted our veterinarian as you suggested, but they get too much stress. And you’re right when you say that it’s like you’re missing something! 🙁

  4. I heard that getting a pet friendly accommodation is hard. It can also get expensive while flying to different countries. I prefer solo travel but I would not mind having a dog as a companion.

  5. Oh how I wish every travelling pet-owner would read this great advice! I haven’t ever travelled with pets and I’ve often wished fellow travellers had left their pets at home – pets who haven’t been prepped for travel are often no fun for anyone! It’s so great there are pet friendly hotels though – I’m betting they become more popular as more people start travelling with their fur kids!

  6. Very thoughtful post. It is not easy to take care of them during long trips. Personally, I don’t have pets but I think you should be responsible enough to take care of them if you do have them or just avoid having one. I wanted to ask if all these pets in the photograph are your own.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. Our dogs are the Toy Poodle(in #1) and the Australian Shepher(in #4).

  7. Great advice, especially on visiting the pet before you leave – I think people overlook this a lot, and underestimate its importance, but it’s vital to check that everything’s healthy so you’re not hit with a surprise halfway through your trip which could have been prevented by a quick visit to the vet.

  8. Our dog, who is 58 lbs, travels with us quite a bit. She’s just visited her 17th country, actually! These are all good tips, but the thing I would add is to chose a destination that is dog friendly and fun for your fur kid too.

    It’s not much fun when your dog has to stay behind at the hotel. So choose activities that your dog can do too, like hiking or something outdoors. And the season can make a difference as well. Some restaurants will allow dogs outdoors on their terrace, but not inside the restaurant for example.

    1. That’s actually a great idea! Thanks! We will look for places where our dogs can enjoy and update this post.

  9. Really interesting post and this is really going to help the pet lovers. We are not fond of pets and just a thought of travelling with them scares us.

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